November 10, 2009
Dolly Records
Country, Country-Pop, Contemporary Country, Traditional Country

Album Review

Recorded on her 2008 Backwoods Barbie tour, the 2009 CD/DVD set Live from London is Dolly Parton's first live release since 2004's Live and Well. That generous 23-track collection arrived on the heels of her turn-of-the-millennium trio of bluegrass albums and appropriately drew deeply on that trilogy, whereas this casts the net a little wider, retaining some of that mountain music but adding more classic hits along with several selections from Backwoods Barbie, of course. That 2008 album was her poppiest in a spell, so it follows that Live from London is also a big glitzy production, with Parton coming out to the strains of "Hello Dolly" and supported by legions of backing vocalists, guitarists, and keyboardists. It's not intimate; it's a crowd-pleasing extravaganza delivered by an old pro who knows how to give the audience, whether they're in the arena or listening at home, exactly what they want.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Two Doors Down
  2. Jolene
  3. Backwoods Barbie
  4. Coat of Many Colors
  5. Only Dreamin'
  6. Better Get to Livin'
  7. Shinola
  8. Little Sparrow
  9. The Grass Is Blue
  10. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
  11. Here You Come Again
  12. Islands in the Stream
  13. 9 to 5
  14. I Will Always Love You
  15. Jesus and Gravity
  16. Two Doors Down [DVD]
  17. Jolene [DVD]
  18. Backwoods Barbie [DVD]
  19. Coat of Many Colors [DVD]
  20. Only Dreamin' [DVD]
  21. Better Get to Livin' [DVD]
  22. Shinola [DVD]
  23. Little Sparrow [DVD]
  24. The Grass Is Blue [DVD]
  25. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind [DVD]
  26. Here You Come Again [DVD]
  27. Islands in the Stream [DVD]
  28. 9 to 5 [DVD]
  29. I Will Always Love You [DVD]
  30. Jesus and Gravity [DVD]
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