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A 35-minute "compilation compositor" by Neil Young, Arc consists of a series of excerpts from 1991 concerts by Young & Crazy Horse strung together. Young has taken the tune-ups and outros, the guitar feedback, and random playing and singing from various songs and shows, and constructed a nearly atonal sound collage. Now and then, he is heard singing a verse or two from "Like a Hurricane" or another song, but for the most part, Arc sounds like a band preparing to play a song that never actually begins or trying to end one that has not been heard. As such, the album ranks with such studies in noise as Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. [Initially, Arc was released in a 25,000-copy limited edition called Arc Weld (Reprise 26746) containing the two discs making up the live album Weld.]
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

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  1. Arc