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Pop/Rock, Blues-Rock, British Blues, Regional Blues, British Invasion

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Track Listing

  1. Meditation: Aumgu
  2. The Quabalistic Cross
  3. The Word of the Aeon
  4. Invocation to the Light
  5. The Pentagram Ritual
  6. Quabalistic Cross
  7. Hymn of Praise
  8. 12 Gates to the City
  9. The Holy Words: Iao Sabao
  10. Aquarius Mantra
  11. Enochian (Atlantean) Call
  12. Abrahadabra: The Word of the Aeon
  13. Praise: City of Light
  14. The Quabalistic Cross: Aumgu
  15. The Return of Arthur
  16. The Magician
  17. The Judgement
  18. My Archangel Mikael
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