March 21, 2000
Beat Goes On
Pop/Rock, Blues-Rock, British Invasion

Album Review

One of the founding fathers of the British blues movement, Graham Bond released two spectacular albums in 1965 as the Graham Bond Organization. The Sound of '65 and There's a Bond Between Us (also re-released on BGO Records) are essential jazz/blues albums for any music fan. When Bond broke up the Organization, he moved to the United States where he recorded two "solo" albums in 1965. In 1966, he returned to England where he became a member of Ginger Baker's Air Force for a time then left and formed the band Magick with his wife Diane Stewart. Holy Magick, the band's debut album, was originally released on the "progressive" Vertigo label in 1970 . The album was based on Bond's interest in white magic and Druid and Celtic mysticism. Holy Magick consists of two parts containing 18 songs based around mantras, rituals, and improvisational pieces. The band, a flexible unit, featured some of the top musicians Britain had to offer in 1970 including Rick Gretch (Blind Faith), Victor Bronx, Alex Dmochowski, Jon Moreshead from the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, and a host of session performers. While barely accessible to a rock audience, this album has been both dismissed and praised by critics and fans, depending on one's musical taste. The music was very much jazz oriented. When it was originally released it did not sell well and became a collector's item. In 1971 Bond released the second Magick album which was intended to be the second part of his Magick trilogy. The theme behind this album was Eastern mysticism, in particular the Hindu and Aquarian philosophy. The lineup for this album had changed, but the sound was an extension of the debut only with different themes and more of a blues direction. Again the album was released on Vertigo but did not sell well so Bond postponed the third part of the trilogy and took a break from the music business. Unfortunately, he died a tragic death in 1974, and the trilogy was never completed. This set by BGO Records contains both albums on a single CD. It has been remastered from original master tapes, and the package contains an in-depth essay on the history of Bond and both projects along with photos and reproductions of the original album graphics.
Keith Pettipas, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Meditation Aumgu
  2. The Qabalistic Cross
  3. The Word of the Aeon
  4. Invocation to the Light
  5. The Pentagram Ritual
  6. Qabalistic Cross
  7. Hymn of Praise
  8. Gates to the City
  9. The Holy Words Iao Sabao
  10. Aquarius Mantra
  11. Enochian (Atlantean) Call
  12. Abrahadabra the Word of the Aeon
  13. Praise 'City of Light'
  14. The Qabalistic Cross Aumgu
  15. Return of Arthur
  16. The Magician
  17. The Judgement
  18. My Archangel Mikael
  19. Forbidden Fruit, Pt. 1
  20. Moving Towards the Light
  21. Ajama
  22. Druid
  23. I Put My Magick on You
  24. Time to Die
  25. Hail Ra Harakhite
  26. Forbidden Fruit, Pt. 2