November 16, 2004
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Album Rock, Pop-Metal, Arena Rock

Album Review

To commemorate both the band's two-decade mark in the music industry and the selling of 100 million records, Bon Jovi culled together this four-CD/one-DVD collection. An homage to Elvis Presley, both in the title and cover concept (with each group member wearing a gold lame outfit), this set pays tribute to Bon Jovi's fans, many of whose written testimonials are sprinkled throughout the accompanying photo-packed booklet. Jon Bon Jovi also contributes explanations of specific songs and his own thoughts about the band's 20-year journey. Most importantly, the 50 tracks that make up the audio portion reinforce how this New Jersey outfit managed to survive in a fickle market for so long: a wealth of well-written tunes built on a foundation of great hooks, heartfelt sentiment, and well-honed musicianship. There's plenty to sift through here, including demos of much-loved favorites ("Someday I'll Be Saturday Night"), soundtrack contributions ("Edge of a Broken Heart"), and solid international B-sides ("Ordinary People"). Most impressive is the above-average amount of previously unreleased fare (including lead-vocal performances from each bandmember). The DVD is filled with rare archival material, including interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, making the set essential for Bon Jovi's millions of fans.
Rovi Staff, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Why Aren't You Dead? [#]
  2. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight [#]
  3. Taking It Back [#]
  4. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [Original Demo]
  5. Miss Fourth of July [#]
  6. Open All Night [#]
  7. These Arms Are Open All Night [#]
  8. I Get a Rush [#]
  9. Someday Just Might Be Tonight [#]
  10. Thief of Hearts [Studio Track][#]
  11. Last Man Standing [Studio Track][#]
  12. I Just Want to Be Your Man [#]
  13. Garageland [#]
  14. Starting All Over Again [Japan Bonus Track]
  15. Maybe Someday [#]
  16. Last Chance Train [#]
  17. The Fire Inside [#]
  18. Every Beat of My Heart [#]
  19. Rich Man Living in a Poor Man's House [#]
  20. The One That Got Away [#]
  21. You Can Sleep While I Dream [#]
  22. Outlaws of Love [#]
  23. Good Guys Don't Always Wear White [From the Cowboy Way]
  24. We Rule the Night [#]
  25. Edge of a Broken Heart [From Disorderlies]
  26. Sympathy [#]
  27. Only in My Dreams [#]
  28. Shut Up and Kiss Me [#]
  29. Crazy Love [#]
  30. Lonely at the Top [International B-Side]
  31. Ordinary People [International B-Side]
  32. Flesh and Bone [#]
  33. Satellite [#]
  34. If I Can't Have Your Love [Unreleased Solo Track]
  35. Real Life [From Edtv]
  36. Memphis Lives in Me [#]
  37. Too Much of a Good Thing [#]
  38. Love Ain't Nothing But a Four Letter Word [#]
  39. Love Ain't Nothing But a Four Letter Word [Original Demo]
  40. River Runs Dry [#]
  41. Always [Original Demo]
  42. Kidnap an Angel [#]
  43. Breathe [B-Side]
  44. Out of Bounds [#]
  45. Letter to a Friend [#]
  46. Temptation [International B-Side]
  47. Gotta Have a Reason [#]
  48. All I Wanna Do Is You [#]
  49. Billy [#]
  50. Nobody's Hero [#]
  51. Bonus Material [DVD][*]