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Album Review

Hothouse Flowers continued their exploration of Irish folk and gospel on their second album, Home. Their debut album, People, had introduced Hothouse Flowers to the world, largely through the strength of the single "Don't Go." While Home is every bit as good as People, it lacks an obvious standout track. Nonetheless, several singles were released from this disc, namely "I Can See Clearly Now," "Give It Up," and "Movies." The shadow of Van Morrison looms large over Home, from the slow, piano-driven ballads "Sweet Marie" and "Shut Up and Listen" to gospel choir-backed rockers like "Giving It All Away" and their cover of "I Can See Clearly Now." Hothouse Flowers aren't simply a pale imitation of their influences, though, and their songwriting and musicianship are excellent throughout. From the clever anthem "Movies" to the Eastern-tinged "Water," Hothouse Flowers have created a masterful collection of pop songs. Home is an underrated gem.
Jonathan Lewis, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hardstone City
  2. Give It Up
  3. Christchurch Bells
  4. Sweet Marie
  5. Giving It All Away
  6. Shut Up and Listen
  7. I Can See Clearly Now
  8. Movies
  9. Eyes Wide Open
  10. Water
  11. Home
  12. Trying to Get Through
  13. Dance to the Storm
  14. Seoladh Na Ngamhna