Combining the urgency of dance-rock with slick electronica sounds, the Los Angeles-based duo Glycerin formed in 2004. Korean-born, Texas-raised vocalist Anna Song began her musical career in Los Angeles as a singer/songwriter; while living in the city, she fell in love with electronic dance music and began seeking a project that would allow her to work within the genre. Meanwhile, Rich M (producer) was leading a busy life -- in addition to co-founding the Wifflefist artist collective and leading the bands Polycarp and Friend Side Monkey in Chapel Hill, NC, he was also working on electronic music compositions in both his adopted state and his hometown of Los Angeles. Upon returning permanently to the West Coast, he and Song came together through mutual friends (and a chance meeting in London). After generating buzz through their live shows, Glycerin released their debut album, Motionless, on Red Station Records in January 2008.
Katherine Fulton, Rovi

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